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        Paranaque Condos
        Paranaque City is a city that never ceases to amaze me. The city undoubtedly will have the same effect on you. Just picture this, the warm air, gracious inviting condos, made with a tasteful design and green spread out lawns create the perfect home scenery. This city was created to serve its residents, ineffable malls with state-of-the-art facilities, fabulous schools, classy and cozy restaurants. What more could you ask for?

        History of Paranaque City
        If you don't know the history of Paranaque then you don't know anything about the city. In the prehistoric times, the residents of Paranaque were mainly traders and fishermen. Paranaque was officially founded in the 1580s by some sober-minded people and by then it was known as Palayang. Everything is a seed which starts as an idea and grows only when it is watered. Americans at that time were very relentless when it came to development. That is why you should probably thank them for the ever growing economy.As a result of this growth, Paranaque became heavily urbanized.The city was once a Rizal's municipality before it became one of the cities that make up the Metro Manila. Paranaque became a major life changing trading centre no wonder it was incorporated into the Metro Manila. The mustard seed is the tiniest, but its tree is enormous. Paranaque started small but it is now great.

        The Economy of Paranaque
        Paranaque boasts of a buoyant economy. It is one of the richest cities in the Philippines. The commercial activities here float in profit. Some of us hate the idea of swimming in the ocean of poverty this is why doing business here will leave you pocketful of money.Its conversion from a municipality to a city signifies the tremendous economic growth that the city is experiencing. Commercial activities are the backbone of Paranaque's economy.Even before one starts a business, they must think about the location. This is the same with Paranaque, it's strategic location highly contributes to its growth. Major trading and commercial centers are scattered within this in the city. The restaurants here no matter how small in size, contribute to this growing economy. As you diligently pay tax, you are saving the city from falling down. The existence of an international airport in the city is proof of the city's booming economy and we can attest to that. I would be lying to you if i tell you that the development is solely from the commercial centers and not the roads. A city with highly developed and maintained roads is what Paranaque is. We know how roads play a big role in our cities' economies.The touristy nature of this marvelous city is not to be forgotten. With the ancient breathtaking tourist sites what will drive tourists away?

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        Education is the best investment a parent can make on their child. The power of pen and paper is undisputable. This is why educational institutions are high in number in Paranaque city. The diversity of educational systems in Paranaque cater for everyone's needs and desires when it comes to matters education. Just water your kids’ knowledge and see the astounding results you will get. This is why Paranaque offers education from kindergartens to universities and colleges. Those combinations of letters and drawings on your kid's book are powerful.We need pilots not only in Paranaque but in the whole Philippines that is why Philippine Air Transport Training Services offers aviation courses. How unfortunate are you if you are not enthusiastic about health sciences for you will not get to enjoy the adventurous life of Olivarez College.Some of the notable private schools in Paranaque city include Anee Abor Montessori, Mary Mount Academy, Golden Achievers Academy and Sucat.Father Simpliciano Academy. Public schools include Paranaque National High School which is located on Col. E. de Leon Street,Masville National High School which is located along Masville, Baclaran National High School located along Bagong Buhay Street, Sun valley National High School located along Elizabeth Avenue among others. For higher education, Universities are also within the city for instance Don Bosco Center of Studies which is located on Michael Rua Street, AMA Computer University located along Dr. A. Santos Avenue and Rogationist College which is located at Saint Hannibal Street.School is not just about reading, play is as important as learning that is why play facilities never lack in these centers of education.As you get to study here you are safe in academic excellence, school reputation, excellent religious teachings and the short distance to and from residential areas.

        Healthcare Centers and Institutions
        Imagine that we heard that death is coming our way, we would all run away from it including that person who was about to jump off the highest tower to end his life. It would unbelievably chaotic. This is how much the idea of death freaks us out. This is why healthcare centers are in plenty in this city, to keep you alive as long as possible. Being a highly reputable city, Paranaque has some major health institutions that cater for the locals and tourists in the city. One admirable thing with the hospitals is that they are located near homes. Some are within residential areas while some are in the central business district. We all know the importance of having healthcare centers near our homes and workplaces. Emergencies can occur at the weirdest hour and having the hospitals and clinics near us is very good. The hospitals are located along major streets and along highways thus are easily accessed. Worry less about shelling out loads of money on your health issues, public hospitals are there for you. Some of the private hospitals in the city are affordable. Just work within your budget. Hospitals in Paranaque provide the best medical services because of the belief in the importance of lives. The city can never be a disappointment to its residents.Some of the notable hospitals in Paranaque include Paranaque Doctor's Hospital which is located along Soledad Avenue, Cabanlig Veterinary Clinic which is located along Vienna Street, and Medical Centre Paranaque which is located along Sucat Road, St Joseph Veterinary clinic located which is located along Aguirre Avenue.

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        Transportation in Paranaque
        What is life of you cannot go out and have some fun, visit friends, go to work and school without thinking about the poor roads you have to endure. Paranaque has you sorted out. Just leave the house at your own comfort.The mobility of goods and people is linked to good economy. Residents of Paranaque benefit both socially and economically as a result of proper transportation in their city. There are several means of transport that are used in this city and they include road, air and water transport. The use of buses is common in Paranaque as it is used by people of all ages; the young and the old whether studying or not. There are several bus terminals in Paranaque.  The buses provide both commuter and intercity services.The jeeps are commonly used in the highly populated areas of the city. They have their designated points where they load passengers. The jeeps are the cheapest means of transportation in Paranaque. Although jeeps are cheap, passengers are usually overcrowded in them. Here is the catch, we do not always go where the routes are covered by buses that is why tricycles were invented and are still used in Paranaque. The tricycles are used to serve the residential areas as they take one to their desired destination. The residents can also walk on foot as Paranaque city's road are pedestrian friendly because of the pavements and walkways all over the city.  The code lights in the city are also pedestrian friendly and they work all round the clock.Coming from a date? Flag down a taxi. You wouldn't want your mood spoilt by some rowdy passenger in the bus. For traveling outside the city by use of air transport, there is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport within the city and is located along Ninoy Aquino Avenue. The security system of this airport is one to be admired. There are no cases of luggage theft.

        Places To Eat Out
        There are many places to eat out. Restaurants, food stalls and bars can be easily found as they are scattered around in the city. During the day at the office do yourself some justice by eating at the food stalls around the corner. These are the best places to eat out for those who are on a tight budget because they are quite cheap compared to restaurants and bars.For this jumpy generation that cannot cook because either they do not know how to cook or are too busy on social network to have time to cook, restaurants are easily spotted in the city. The Aguirre Avenue is the mother to restaurants in the city. They neatly stretch along the street offering you a good number of places to eat. Mang' Raul's is the perfect joint to grab a barbecue. This is the best place to get the dying for Filipino meals. For Japanese cuisine, do not miss the Tatsunoko. You do not have to be a Japanese in order to eat here, Japanese meals are a must-eat for everyone because of their unique taste. For Korean food at an affordable price, eat out at Good Shepherd Bazaar commonly known as Ruins to the locals. Sometimes we do not eat out because we do not like the dingy and filthy restaurants out there. If you are that kind of a person please visit the Milky Moustache. The place is quite cool and amazingly clean for that matter. Their prices are unfortunately high but that should not stop you from eating there considering that you will be taking clean food at a hygienic restaurant.If you feel eating is a time consumer when you are busy with your board game, just walk up the street and find Puzzles Board Game Lounge and eat while playing board games with your friends.

        Why Choose Paranaque Condos
        Actually i should ask you why not choose Paranaque? This is because i see no reason to live away from this magnificent city. As we have seen, the condos themselves are beautiful. Beautiful in an amazing city. Paranaque City is a city with file with awe.Ladies, where else will you find state-of-the-art malls if not Paranaque? It is said that women love everything they buy but hate 1/3 of their closet. Maybe researchers should work more in this area. Anyway, in Paranaque you will not have to dislike the 1/3 of your clothes. Everything is classy and never goes out of trends. Meanwhile, you can do shop for household items including food stuffs. Don't get dressed by the city and forget how unappreciative the stomach is.Remember most movements from city to city are in search of jobs. Well, come here prepared to work. There are many job opportunities in Paranaque city.  Apart from the white collar jobs, there are other jobs in the city for instance in the shopping malls, transport system, garages, restaurants, clubs among other places.For entertainment, there are many joints that you as a resident of Paranaque city can go to. For parents, schools are near and they provide the best education systems. Don't make your children taste the bitter life even before they are of age. Let them have the best. The transport system in this city is highly developed with both public and private means of transportation. With the highly developed transport system in the city, doing business is quite easy here since mobility of goods and people is simplified. The city is also the best place to invest in real estate.For those who work in Paranaque city, there is no need to be commuting from city to city yet the homes here are affordable and with a state-of-the-art taste. It is good to live near your workplace as this saves time and resources that are wasted on a daily basis when you are commuting.